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Information Technology

Provider Name : Apson

Duration(Hrs) :90

Hourse/day :2

Training Type :Virtual Session

Certification :Yes

No of Slots :650

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Full Information

Courses Description

Master the fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL) with our comprehensive online course. You'll learn how to create, modify, and delete database objects, write powerful SELECT statements to retrieve data from tables, and use advanced SQL techniques like joins, subqueries, and aggregate functions to perform complex data analysis. " This description provides an overview of what learners can expect to gain from the course, including key topics covered and the level of proficiency they'll achieve upon completion.

Topics to be covered

Basic SQL syntax and commands (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) Retrieving data from tables using SELECT statements Filtering and sorting data with WHERE and ORDER BY clauses Joining tables using INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, and FULL JOIN Aggregating data with functions like COUNT, SUM, AVG, MIN, and MAX Grouping data with the GROUP BY clause Subqueries and correlated subqueries Creating and managing database objects like tables, views, indexes, and sequences.

Benefits of Course

Popularity, Interoperability,server Load.



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