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Information Technology

Provider Name : Apson

Duration(Hrs) :90

Hourse/day :2

Training Type :Virtual Session

Certification :Yes

No of Slots :650

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Full Information

Courses Description

Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) is an ERP system by SAP AG, a company based in Walldorf, Germany. The various products and modules offered by SAP ERP enable customers to perform day-to-day business processes, such as accounting, sales, production, HR, and financc.

Topics to be covered

Data Management. Through SAP data management, SAP users can clean their data, create reports on the fly and set up dashboards. ... SAP Developer Tools. SAP development tools are often essential in getting the most from an SAP system. ... ERP Software. ... HANA. ... Infrastructure & Cloud.

Benefits of Course

Popularity, Interoperability,server Load.



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