React full concepts:

  1. Introduction to React
  • Overview of React.js and its features
    • Understanding the Virtual DOM
    • React components and component-based architecture
  • Setting Up a React Development Environment
  • Installing Node.js and npm/yarn
    • Creating a new React project using Create React App or similar tools
    • Configuring ESLint, Prettier, and other development tools
  • JSX (JavaScript XML)
  • Syntax and usage of JSX in React components
    • Embedding JavaScript expressions in JSX
    • JSX vs. HTML templating
  • Components and Props
  • Creating functional and class components
    • Passing props to components
    • Prop types and default props
  • State and Lifecycle
  • Managing component state
    • Lifecycle methods (componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate, etc.)
    • Using hooks (useState, useEffect) for state management
  • Handling Events
  • Event handling in React
    • Common event types (onClick, onChange, onSubmit, etc.)
    • Event delegation and synthetic events
  • Lists and Keys
  • Rendering lists of data in React
    • Using keys for efficient list rendering and updates
    • Iterating over arrays and rendering components dynamically
  • Forms in React
  • Controlled vs. uncontrolled components
    • Handling form inputs and validation
    • Form submission and data handling
  • React Router
  • Client-side routing with React Router
    • Configuring routes and route parameters
    • Nested routes and route guards
  1. Styling in React
  • CSS modules and scoped styles
    • Using third-party CSS frameworks with React
    • Styled-components and other CSS-in-JS solutions
  1. State Management with Context API and Redux
  • Global state management with Context API
    • Introduction to Redux for complex state management
    • Redux middleware and async actions
  1. React Hooks
  • useState, useEffect, useContext, and other built-in hooks
    • Custom hooks and their use cases
    • Rules of hooks and best practices
  1. Working with APIs
  • Fetching data from REST APIs using fetch or axios
    • Handling asynchronous data fetching with useEffect
    • Error handling and loading states
  1. Testing React Applications
  • Writing unit tests with Jest and React Testing Library
    • Testing components, hooks, and asynchronous code
    • Mocking dependencies and API calls
  1. Deployment and Optimization
  • Building a production-ready React app
    • Deployment strategies (deploying to GitHub Pages, Netlify, Vercel, etc.)
    • Performance optimization techniques (code splitting, lazy loading, etc.)
  1. Advanced Topics
  • Server-side rendering with Next.js
    • React animations and transitions
    • React patterns and best practices
  1. Real-World Projects
  • Building real-world applications to apply learned concepts
    • Collaboration and teamwork in project development
    • Project management methodologies (Agile, Scrum, etc.)
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